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Barriers & Bollards

We provide a wide range of traffic control barriers to manage your parking needs. If these are not viable we also provide automated rising bollards, which are an excellent alternative to controlling movement of vehicles as well as protecting valuable parking spaces.

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Automatic Rising Barriers

For residential, commercial, apartment block / multi-user and industrial premises, we provide a wide range of traffic control barriers to suit a variety of applications.

The smaller traffic barrier (MOOVI) is the smallest in the range for moderate to heavy areas of traffic.  A neat and modern design for the more aesthetically sensitive areas with a boom ranging from 3 to 5 metres.


Rising bollards are an excellent alternative solution to controlling movement of vehicles as well as protecting high valuable spaces and can furthermore act as a prevention to crime.

Automatic rising bollards are often installed to improve the security of  loading bays, where a standard roller shutter offers very little resistance to ram-raids. They can also added to an automatic barrier installation where the bollards lower and the barrier lifts at the same time.


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